El-lab FAQs

1. How long do I have to wait before my blood sample will be taken?

Depending on the investigation, samples are taken on a first come basis taking into account emergency cases.

2. Do I get my report immediately am through with my test/investigation?
3. Do I have to come fasting for my test/investigation?
4. Can I request for my result online or via email/whatsapp messenger?
5. Can I send someone to pick up my report?
6. What are your operating hours?
7. Where and how can I lodge a complaint?
8. Can I get help to interpret my result?
9. Can I take medication before having a blood test?
10. Am I at risk of getting infected while my blood is being taken?
11. I have to give a urine/sputum/stool test – how do I do this?
12. I have very difficult veins. How can I be sure your collectors can get the sample?
13. What is TAT?
14. A doctor did not refer me for testing; can’t I just walk in and choose my test(s)?
15. Do you render services for HMO clients?
16. Is my information kept confidential?
17. Can I get a refund for test not done that I paid for?