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8 Health benefits of Ram/Sheep meat

For introductory purposes, Rams are actually male sheep, while the adult female sheep are called Ewes.

Heart Disease

With heart disease, more than 100 types of genes may play a small role in a person’s risk. But by far the biggest factor is lifestyle.

Daily Lifestyle Tips to a Healthy Heart

Eat healthy- you are what you eat.
Quit smoking
Maintain a healthy body weight
In one study, people who lost weight, exercised, and eaten a healthy diet dramatically improved heir A1C levels, a blood test used to check diabetes risk. They also improved their blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

El-Lab limited Donates Jaundice Phototheraphy Medical Equipment to Mother and Child Health Care Center in Festac Town, Lagos.

The Managing Director of EL-LAB Medical Diagnostic and Research Center, Festac Lagos, Prince Elochukwu Adibo has called on government at all levels to prioritize health. In his words, “Nigerians need to have the best medical care delivery anywhere in the country.

About EL-Lab

EL-Lab Medical Diagnostics and Research Center is an indigenous medical diagnostic center based in Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria, offering state-of-the-art medical diagnostic services to patients in Lagos and environs.

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Plot 603, 32 Road Junction,
Festac Town,
Lagos, Nigeria.
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