Refund Policy

This policy is not intended to bring difficulties to patients; rather it’s based on fairness and equity in order to help us serve you better based on our years of professional experience.

Clients should please note.
  • Any refund must be requested in writing.
  • Once samples have been collected, no refunds will be issued
  • We do not issue refund payments to third parties.
  • A service charge of 20% will be deducted for payments done within a period of 3 month for test not carried out.
  • Refunds are processed beginning from the instant a refund request is received; we will assess the eligibility of your claim within 10 working days for formal administrative investigations.
  • Refunds will not be made available for test not done for over a period of 3 months and above, rather patients will be advised to run investigations equal to the amount paid. This is also transferable.

The Management